Sponsorship 2nd Virtual Dutch Hematology Congress


As you most likely know, the government announced new COVID-19 restrictions for the upcoming period. At this stage, we don’t know if these restrictions remain for a longer period, or new restrictions lie ahead of us. Therefore, the DHC organization decided to cancel the live edition and will organize a virtual congress: the 2nd Virtual DHC.

We really hoped that a live edition would be possible again. But under current conditions and restrictions it is impossible and too risky for us to proceed with preparations for a live event. We decided to choose the safe way and organize a virtual event of which we know for certain can pursue.

We decided to keep the program roughly as it is: a 3 day Virtual DHC and a full day Virtual Nursing Symposium. This means that we offer more sessions than last virtual edition, so the 2nd Virtual DHC will certainly be a full-fledged congress. The 2nd Virtual DHC contains pre-recorded presentations and live presentations from a studio. Moderators will – as much as possible – also be presenting live from a studio.

Of course, this change does have consequences for sponsorship. We are currently preparing new sponsorship packages. We’ll inform you about this packages as soon as possible.

If you would like to be updated on sponsorship opportunities, please contact DHC@vumc.nl .