DHC Organization

1. Organization 13th Dutch Hematology Congress
2. Organization 8th Nursing Symposium 
3. DHC Foundation
4. HOVON Foundation
5. NVvH 

1. Organization 13th Dutch Hematology Congress
Up until 2017 the Dutch Hematology Congress was organized annually the HOVON Foundation and the Dutch Society of Hematology (NVvH). In August 2017, all congress related activities of the HOVON Foundation and the NVvH were merged together in the newly founded DHC Foundation.

A project team, especially put together for DHC, is responsible for the overall organisation of the congress. The team plays an important role in optimizing communication and co-operation between all parties that are involved with this event.

Project team

Project leader Regina Knoester
Professional leader Dr. Marten Nijziel
Chairmen Prof.dr. Jan Cornelissen and Prof.dr. Nicole Blijlevens
Treasurer Dr. Lidwine Tick
Chair program committee Dr. Stijn Halkes
Vice chair program committee Dr. P. te Boekhorst
Sponsorship Saskia Broekman & Ilse Grunder
Project assistents Susanne Højsgaard-Tabbers, Saskia Broekman & Ilse Grunder
Nursing Symposium Judith van Deursen

The Program Committee is responsible for composing the program and inviting the speakers. This Program Committee consists of representatives from HOVON, NVvH, Experimental Hematology, KWF Lymphoma group, stem cell transplantation group, and the fellows. Key persons are appointed to select the speakers for the fundamental and translational research sessions. Click here to find out more about the set up of these presentations.

Program committee:
Dr. Stijn Halkes (chair)
Dr. Peter te Boekhorst (vice-chair)
Dr. Marten Nijziel (project leader program)

Members of the Program Committee (in no particular order)
Prof. dr. Marie José Kersten 
Prof. dr. Gerwin Huls
Dr. Bea Tanis
Dr. Eric Beckers
Dr. Michelle Möhlmann
Dr. Linde Morsink
Dr. Michel Schaap
Dr. Joost Kluiver
Dr. Marcel Spaargaren
Dr. Pim Mutsaers
Dr. Sabine Kersting
Dr. Monique de Witte
Dr. Janine van Elssen
Dr. Willemijn Hobo
Dr. Inge Jedema
Dr. Carolien Woolthuis
Dr. Bas Wouters
Dr. Bert van der Reijden
Dr. Carlijn Voermans
Dr. Yvonne Henskens

Key persons

Research Field Key Persons
Benigne, Hemostasis, Thrombosis Prof. dr. Frank Leebeek, dr. B. J. Biemond
Myeloid/Hematopoiese Dr. Marc Raaijmakers, Dr. Marieke von Lindern/ Prof. dr. G. de Haan
Lymphoid Dr. Joost Kluiver, Dr. Marcel Spaargaren
Immunology Dr. Harry Dolstra, Prof. dr. Jurgen Kuball

Executive team
During the congress, an executive team is present to assist you. The executive team consists of: Regina Knoester (Project Manager), Susanne Højsgaard-Tabbers and Saskia Broekman.

2. Organization 8th Nursing Symposium                                                                                                to the top

Board en committee

Special Interest Group Hematology, V&VN Oncologie
Email: sighematologie@venvn.nl
Website: Special Interest Group Hematologie

Board SIG Hematology, V&VN Oncology
Maaike de Ruijter, voorzitter (Spaarne Gasthuis, Hoofddorp)
Carolien Burghout, secretaris (Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, ’s-Hertogenbosch)
Lian Schoonhoven-Bos, algemeen lid (UMC Utrecht)
Nicolette Zwinkels, algemeen lid (Haga Ziekenhuis, Den Haag)
Patty Bosman, algemeen lid (VUmc, Amsterdam)
Reny Kuiper, algemeen lid (AMC/EKZ, Amsterdam)

Program committee
Judith van Deursen (Maxima Medisch Centrum, Veldhoven) - Chair
Linda Luppens-de Graaf (Esperanz/Westfriesgasthuis, Hoorn)
Tineke Duyts (Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede)
Shahira Fazel (Radboudumc, Nijmegen)
Mirjam Oudshoorn (LUMC, Leiden)

For questions, please contact the chair of the program committe Judith van Deursen: j.vandeursen@mmc.nl 

3. DHC Foundation                                                                                                                                 to the top

Since August 2017, the congress activities of the HOVON Foundation and the NVvH are merged into the newly founded DHC Foundation. The main reason for the establishment of this new foundation, is to provide transparancy in both activities and financial flows. The members of the board of the DHC Foundation are:

Prof. dr. Nicole Blijlevens Chair
Prof. dr. Jan Cornelissen Vice-Chair
Dr. Lidwine Tick Treasurer
Dr. Gert Ossenkoppele Secretary

4. HOVON Foundation                                                                                                                            to the top

On October 1, 1985, six prominent internists, hematologists from different academic hospitals, founded the HOVON Foundation (Hemato-oncology for Adults the Netherlands) in Rotterdam. HOVON aims to promote 'the optimal treatment of adult patients with haematological malignant diseases'. The best way to obtain this optimal treatment is through the creation and implementation of clinical studies in which as many patients as possible are able to participate.
Because hemato-oncological diseases are rare in terms of frequency, it is necessary to make the required expertise for treatment quickly available to patients. This is realised by creating and managing networks of doctors in various hospitals.
For further information on the HOVON Foundation, visit the website.

5. Dutch Society of Hematology (NVvH)                                                                                                  to the top

The Dutch Society of Hematology (NVvH), founded in 1950, is the national organization of blood experts. Around 440 doctors and biomedical scientists working in the field of patient care, research and education of diseases of the blood and blood-forming tissues.
The NVvH has a co-ordinating role and is an umbrella organization for associations operating in the different areas of hematology. This coordinating role improves the position of hematology as to patient care, education and research, and prevents fragmentation of Dutch hematology.
A close co-operation exists with the sub- and sister organizations, including representation in the board of the NVvH, and by organizing joint meetings.
For further information about the Dutch Society of Hematology (NVvH), visit the website.