The congress organization welcomes you as a speaker at our congress.

On this page you will find information espacially important for our speakers. We ask you to read it carefully.
If you have questions don't hesitate to take contact the congress organization at DHC@vumc.nl or directly with the moderator of the session.

Speakers policy
The Dutch Hematology foundation is a non profit organization and wants to keep the fares for participation so low as possible.
A consequence is that we must hold the costs as low as possible.
For that reason we work for our speakers with the following categories:

Standard speakers:
These are all the speakers who are involved in the hematology field (HOVON, NVvH, VHL, HOP, V&VN). 
All the standard speakers have to register by website.

Speakers who are invited to the studio
All speakers who are invited to the studio have to register by website. Travel costs can be reimbursed.

Guest speakers
These are foreign speakers and all speakers who are not involved in HOVON, NVvH, HOP, V& VN and who are working outside the hematology field like oncologists and other specialists who are not working in the hematology field. Guest speakers are registered by the organization and travel costs can be reimbursed.

Due to the policy of the inspection, you are oblidged to start your presentation with a disclosure. We also need this disclosure for the application for the EHA accreditation. Please fill in the disclosure template below and return it to DHC@vumc.nl before 1 December. 

Click here for the template disclosure

Presentation templates
We kindly request our speakers to use one of the PowerPoint templates below. 
Please choose the PowerPoint template that applies to you.

Click here for the PowerPoint template (English version)
Click here for the PowerPoint template (Nursing Symposium)

Abstract presentations 
All abstract presentations will be pre recorded and are in English.
Duration of the presentation is: 12 minutes.
After the four presentations there is an opportunity for questions from the virtual audience, you must be virtual present after the played presentations.

The spoken language of the Nursing Symposium and for the clinical program in the afternoon is Dutch.

Duration of the presentation
Please respect the time scheduled for your presentation. The scheduled time contains time for your presentation and time for questions/discussion. 


For further question please contact the congress organisation at DHC@vumc.nl or contact the moderator of your session.