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Dutch Hematology Congress

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General Information

Visit the registration page of this website for online registration for the 15th Dutch Hematology Congress and the 10th Nursing Symposium. Payments can be done by IDEAL and Credit Card (Maestro, Mastercard en VISA).
Payment option for invoice is no longer possible. After the registration is completed a confirmation of registration with your invoice will be sent to the email address you entered on your registration form.

Please note:
After the 9th  of January 2023, the website will be closed for registration.
On site registration will be possible.
An on site fee will be applicable and can only be paid by IDEAL, Credit Card payments will not be possible.

Fares, registration and refund policy

See the table below for the applicable registration fees. These fees are applicable for online registration. Online registration will close on 9 January 2023. After this date only on-site registration is possible. A reduced fare* is available for a limited group of participants. 


   * The reduced fare is applicable only for all nurses (with the exception of midlevel practioners), technicians, data managers, PhD students, students and interns.

Fees for on-site registration (after 9 January 2023)
After 9 January this website is closed for online registration. You can only register on-site on the day of the congress at congres centre Papendal. See the table below for the fees for on-site registration. Only PIN payments are accepted.


Speakers/moderators fare: 
Speakers/moderators who are involved in HOVON and/or the NVvH should register (and pay) in order to attend the congress. Guest speakers/moderators (people who are not working within the field of hematology, or are connected to HOVON and/or the NVvH) will be registered by the congress organization and will also receive a speakers agreement.

Cancellation is possible only if you are unable to attend due to unforeseen reasons. You can request a cancellation by sending an email to In case of cancellation up to November 30th, a refund will be made after deduction of €30 euros administration costs. After 30 November, 50% refund will be made. 
No refunds will be made for cancellations after the date of 15 December 2022.

Hotel rooms at Papendal

Book your hotel room directly at the Papendal Congress Center. Please note the following:

  • The link will open an email, you can request your booking only via email. Please mention 15DHC in the email.
  • You pay directly at check-in on the day of arrival.
  • If you need an invoice, you need to provide full details of your organisation: e.g. official name, full address etc. in order for Papendal to make the invoice. Make sure you come well prepared and have this information at hand when checking-in.
  • Hotel rooms can still be shared. In this case, you need to make one reservation for 2 persons.

If there are no rooms available, we recommend Van der Valk Hotel Arnhem, which is located a 15 min walk from the congress venue.

Accreditation & Certificate of Attendance

Accreditation is applied for both the 15th Dutch Hematology Congress and the 10th Nursing Symposium. 

Accreditation 15th Virtual Dutch Hematology Congress: Accreditation points per day Status
  25/1           26/1             27/1  
Nederlandse Internisten Vereniging (NIV)  6                  6                   3 approved
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kindergeneeskunde (NVK)  6                  6                   3 approved
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Pathologie (NVVP)  6                  6                   3 approved
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiotherapie en Oncologie (NVRO)  6                  6                   5 approved
Accreditation 10th Virtual Nursing Symposium: Accreditation points per day
  25/1             26/1             27/1  
Accreditatiebureau Verpleegkundig Specialisten Register  7                  6                   4 approved
Accreditatiebureau Kwaliteitsregister V&V en Register Zorgprofessionals  7                  7                   5 approved
Accreditation Data managers: Accreditation points Status
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Oncologie Datamanagers See website NVvOD approved
Accreditation EBAH (EHA): Accreditation points per day Status
  25/1              26/1              27/1  
European Hematology Association  7                  6.5                 5 approved *
CGR N/A approved

Please note:
* when you want to receive CME accrediton points, you need to have an EBAH account. To request for a account you can follow this link 

If you wish to receive a certificate of attendance, please contact

Non-branded policy
The 'Wet BIG' (BIG law) divides professionals that are allowed to prescribe medication, and professionals that are not allowed to do so. The Foundation for the Code for Pharmaceutical Advertising ("the CGR") implemented the Code of Conduct for Pharmaceutical Advertising. This Code of Conduct does specifically not allow the industry to showcase and advertise their products to professionals that are, according to the Wet BIG, not allowed to prescribe medication. 

Therefore, the congress organization implemented a non-branded policy for all industry sponsors. This policy allows all congress attendees to all (sponsor) rooms and abolish the division between the professionals that are allowed to prescribe medication and those who are not. 

The congress organization aims to improve and invites you to help us making the next congress again as good and interesting as possible. Therefore, your opinion about the congress organization, the quality of the speakers and the topics on the program, is of great value to us.

Attendees of the 15th Dutch Hematology Congress are kindly requested to use their mobile phone to evaluate the previous visited session at the start of a new session. 

Attendees of the 10th Nursing Symposium are kindly requested to evaluate the program at the end of the Symposium.

Your evaluation will be treated as confidential.

DHC Newsletters

The DHC organization sends out newsletters to inform you about upcomming deadlines, news about the program or other important issues conserning the congress. We aim to keep the amount of emails to a limit. We noticed that some hospitals or institutions consider our emails as spam. If you don't receive any newletters, please check your spam box. Once you've marked one of our emails as 'no spam', new emails will be received in your inbox.

Dutch Hematology Congress                                                to the top

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the Dutch Society for Hematology (NVvH) and Stichting HOVON, jointly present a mix of Educationals and presentations of clinical trials. 

On Wednesday and Thursday research projects are presented in the abstract sessions. This entails clinical research projects and research projects from the sub-committees for Experimental Hematology, Immunology (NVvH) and the KWF Lymphoma. 

Furthermore, the program presents interactive presentations, keynote lectures and the bone marrow masterclass.

DHC Educationals
These interactive sessions are built around a specific hematologic disease for which a guideline has recently been published. The spoken language of these sessions is Dutch.

Meet-the-Expert sessions
A variety of topics are represented in the Meet-the-Expert sessions. Under supervision of experts, participants actively study a specific topic in detail. In general, the spoken language of these sessions English. The spoken language is Dutch when there is a Dutch session title shown in the program.

Subscription is required. There are no extra costs involved. Attendance is only possible in combination with your registration of the congress day. 

Bone Marrow Masterclass
In clinical hematology, diagnostics have always been very important. Without a doubt, the morphology remains the starting point, but diagnostics become more and more complex due to new developments and improved techniques. The acceleration of prognostic factors and therapeutic targets also become more important. 

This masterclass is specifically designed for hematologists in training but can be of interest for hematologists that completed their training, for clinical chemists (in training) and pathologists.
The spoken language is Dutch.

Subscription is required. Note that the masterclass program is spread out over 2 parts that can't be attended seperately. There are no extra costs involved. Attendance is only possible in combination with your registration for the congress day.


Fundamental and translational research:
There will be no open submission for abstracts in these categories. Instead, national key persons have been appointed for 4 research fields (Benign/Hemostapoiesis/Thrombosis, Myeloid/Hematopoiese, Lymphoid, Immunology)

Research fields Keyperson
Benigne, Hemostasis, Thrombosis Marieke Kruip, Lize van Vulpen
Myeloid/ Hematopoiese Bart van der Reijden, Vincent van den Boom
Lymphoid Tom van Meerten, Richard Groen
Immunology Mirjam Heemskerk, Lotte Wieten

The national key persons will closely and actively reach out to group leaders of relevant Dutch research centers (academic hospitals, Sanquin and IKNL) in selecting presentations on subjects within their field of expertise. With this approach it is expected to come to a better representation of the current fundamental and translational research in the field of (immuno)hematology in the Netherlands. Do you have any suggestion for presentations in one of the research fields and you have not been contacted by one of the national key persons or group leaders, you may contact one of the keypersons for that field.

The spoken language of the sessions is English.

Presentations on epidemiological or applied clinical research:
For this category, it is possible to submit an abstract. 
The abstracts will be evaluated by the program committee for presentation during one of the clinical research sessions. The spoken language is English.

Deadline for all abstracts: 25 September 2022

Top of DHC:TOP publications and Dutch Best of Congresses abstracts
The program committee invites everyone to nominate a publication for the TOP of DHC session of a Dutch Best of Congresses abstract.

Top publications:
Nominating a publication is not reserved for the authors; everyone can nominate a publication. However, there are restrictions for the DHC TOP publication: the publication should be published in 2022 and the first or last author should be working at a Dutch hospital or research institute. 
The submitted publications will be reviewed by the program committee. The publication will be evaluated based on originality and innovativity, the journal of publication is of importance and the committee will consider the clinical significance of the research project. A total of 3 publications will be selected. The authors of these selected publications are invited to present their publication at the 15 DHC. 

Dutch Best of congresses abstracts:
This are presentations of research that has been presented at the most recent editions of the ASH, EBMT or EHA. You are invited to submit an abstract for this session. The submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the program committee. The idea is to schedule a wide variaty of topics. When submitting an abstract, you will be requested to give approval that your abstract could be scheduled in one of the other abstract sessions if there is space enough. The spoken language in this session is English.


Jaap Steenbergen stipendium - Thesis of the year
Professors in Hematology are annually invited by the board of the NVvH to nominate PhD-graduates whose theses excel in originality and quality. The NVvH board will review the nominees and select the 'Thesis of 2022'. The winner is invited to give a lecture at 15 DHC and receives the Jaap Steenbergen stipendium which includes an award and a grant of €2000,-. 

For further information or the nomination of PhD-graduates, please contact the NVvH:

Jaap Steenbergen was one of the first hematologists in the Netherlands. He worked for St. Elisabeth hospital in Amersfoort and one day a week for the Radboud university medical center in Nijmegen. 

Swammerdam prize
Every other year, the NVvH Swammerdam prize of €40.000,- is awarded to a talented hematologist. Candidates must be younger than 45 years and working in one the special fields of hematology: hemato-oncology, hemostasis-thrombosis, immuno-hematology of transfusion medicine. 

The Swammerdam prize is one of the most prestigious awards for medical scientists or doctors in the Netherlands. the award is named after the 17th century Dutch scientist Jan Swammerdam. He was the first to describe the erythrocyte under the microscope. 

Click here for more information.

Keynote lectures:

The program committee has selected three keynote lectures.

Nursing Symposium                                                              to the top

The Virtual Nursing Symposium is organized in collaboration with TWG Hematologie and is due on Thursday 26 January 2023. The Nursing Symposium is part of DHC and specifically designed for nurses and clinical nurse specialist. The program is completely Dutch spoken and contains an interesting keynote lecture and multiple sessions with lectures from guest speakers and abstract presentations. 

We would like to invite you to submit and abstract for an oral presentation. The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the program committee, after which a selection is made of abstracts that are approved for either an oral presentation. You are allowed to submit more than one abstract.

Abstracts do not necessarily need to be of a scientific nature; a variety of topics is accepted. For examples: recent events that influenced the hematological care in your hospital or developements within your department that could be of interest for colleagues in other hospitals. 

Deadline abstract submission: 10 December 2022

We would like to challenge you to participate in the Quiz; an interactive part of the program. Your knowledge about all kinds of topics from the field of hematological care is tested. The program of the Virtual Nursing Symposium gives a sneak preview of what to expect in the Quiz. 

At the end of the Nursing Symposium the author of the best abstract will be awarded with a certificate. The winner of the Quiz also receives a certificate.